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  • Small Rotating Wind Chime Home and Garden Ornaments
    Small Rotating Wind Chime Home and Garden Ornaments
    Hanging Electric Powered Wind Spinner Motor
    Electric Rotating Motor: This motor has the right speed and is perfect for hanging inside and outside as a wonderful decoration. Of course, depending on the weight of the item, the speed of the suspension motor will also change, but this will not affect your normal use. And this rotating motor is perfect for spinning disco balls, wind wheels, wind chimes, sun traps, baby crib, etc. All you have to do is hang up the decorations you want and turn on the motor, which will run the decorations. Then you can sit down and enjoy a soothing spin to relax your mind. Premium Quality: This electric powered motor is made of durable and friendly black plastic. It can support up to six pounds and keep spinning. So you can choose any sculpture and spinners, wind chimes, sun catchers, disco balls, or other ornaments to hang onto the motor hooks without worrying about affecting the normal operation of the motor. So it will definitely be very helpful for you to choose your favorite decorations and meet your needs. Simple Operation:The rotating hanging display motor can be hung in any position. The motor is a plug-in model that comes with an additional cord of about 51.2 inches, so you can use it in any outlet. Just put the plug into the socket and the motor will start to run. Plug-in motors are ideal for indoor or outdoor porches. It runs all day long and helps you set up a romantic atmosphere and embellish the environment.

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