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Peacock Hourglass Sand Timer for Desktop

  • This decorative hourglass for desk is a great assistant for the management of work time at office. A desk sand clock assists parents to supervise the children’s time over study and games.

  • The exquisitely carved peacock patterns on the sandglass timer, elegant and classic texture, coupled with fashionable silver or gold craftsmanship, show a unique and noble retro style.

  • The classic and unique retro style hourglass sand timer is suitable for home, office desk,writing desk, desktop and wedding decorations, adding an elegant and romantic feeling.

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    96 pcs
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    30 days

Peacock Sand Timer Decorative 720° Rotating Metal Silver Brass Hourglass 

Decorative Hourglass Description: 

Exquisite Artwork Sand Timer Ornaments

The passage of time is invisible, but the sandglass timer keeps your beautiful memory. The hourglass 60 minute with carved peacock is not only a timer, but also an exquisite artwork to decorate your desk, books, office desktop, living room, fireplace, shelf. It is suitable as an exquisite gift for family, friends or lovers at weddings, Christmas, Valentine's Day.

Elegant Home Office Decoration
The exquisite hourglass is very suitable for retro collectors, study rooms, living rooms, fireplaces, and office decorations. The classic hourglass timer will bring an elegant visual shock to your room and desktop

720° Swiveling, Relax Your Mood
You can easily spin this fancy hourglass to relax and relieve work pressure. A hourglass sand timer can easily track your work, measure your progress, and prevent burnout due to overtime, stay focused and efficient for longer.

Decorative Hourglass Features:      

  • Globe sand timer, metal frame, hand-studded with diamonds, with a light and luxurious texture
  • This sand clock for office desk is made electroplated zinc alloy bracket, polished and smooth surface, does not fade and rust

exquisite hourglass  Peacock Sand Timer Decorative

Decorative Hourglass Details:

15mins/30mins/60mins, customized
Sand Time  8.6*12.6 inches, customized 
Style Classic,Vintage
Material Zinc Alloy,Glass

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.