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Octagonal Puzzle Maze Plastic Sand Timer

  • The puzzle game hourglass timer is a learning sand timers for stimulating inspiration, relieving stress. Also a good toy for parents-children games.

  • Cultivating children's interest  with puzzles. Exercise children's attention, balance, improve thinking and hand control.

  • Helps children to develop a good time habits. Ideal for cooking, games, sports, rest. exercise, child learning, and self-control.

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    100 pcs
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    FOB SZ
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    30 days
Octagonal Plastic Hourglass Colorful Puzzle Maze Sand Timer

Plastic Hourglass Description:

Sand Clock Timer Details: The game hourglass timer for kids adds a set of children's favorite unicorn 3D pattern. 3D Star shapes pads stick on the top of the hourglass sand timer, fun to children.
Brain Teaser Toys: The puzzle plastic sand timer toy can train attention and hand-eye coordination. The small 3D hourglass can be used to recognize colors, feel good, exercise your fingers.Non-breakable, No odor, smooth corners, adults, and children can play. Durable, lightweight, and easy to carry
Beautiful Hourglass Gift: Deeply loved by children. Enjoy the leisure time when playing cube games, can also help to exercise your child's thinking ability. It is very suitable for the development of intelligence. Meanwhile both adults and children like the romantic universe and starry sky, which makes us wonder about the greatness of the world and the endless unknown world

Plastic Hourglass Occasion:

Fun Activity 
Play fun puzzle games with this kids sand timer toy. The best office desk 3D maze puzzle hourglass sand timer toys for stimulating inspiration, relieving stress. Also good for parents-children games 
Fun solar system theme develops kids' imagination, also promotes their hand-eye coordination
Shockproof Hourglass Timers 
The sand timers are made of Acrylic, which will not be broken, suitable for kids. With high borosilicate glass inside and a protective cover on top, this plastic sand timer is very durable to use 
Time Management 
We offer this 4 minute hourglass for kids in different time lengths, so they can work for all different time management situations for kids. From knowing how long to brush your teeth, to teaching kids how long to wait-these sand timers are fun and useful 

hourglass timer for kids sand timers for classroom

Product Details:

  • Time
    20 Sec-60 Min, customized 
    Height  5.2×2.5 inches, customized  
     ABS+glass+color sand
    Fit for
    For your Home, school, Desk, Science and Education

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.