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  • Clear Sand Timer for Decor
    Clear Sand Timer for Decor
    Sand Timer Watch Hourglass Decor
    This hourglass sand timer is extremely elegant, and beautiful, which could be really good decortions and gifts,or just for collecting. Materials: high quality borosilicate glass, pure and bright purple sand Multi-functions: It 's a food timer management assistant, a quite good gift for birthday, even a toy to relieve stress.
  • Hourglass Clock For Study
    Hourglass Clock For Study
    Elegant Hourglass Colored Sand Timer for Decor
    This hour glass sand watch is very special due to it outstanding design. The patterns are carved by hands lively. You can use it in many aspects in daily life, such as a watch for cooking without turn the mobile phone on, for the time management of study, washing teeth, having a bath and etc. Materials to make this hourglass sand timer: high borosilicate glass, custermuzed colored sand.
  • Hourglass Sand Watch 15 Minutes
    Hourglass Sand Watch 15 Minutes
    Elegant Silver Plastic Hour Glass Sand Watch
    Outstanding Time Management Tool: This hourglass sand timer is a very good time management tool for your life, study, work, and so forth. Accurate and Precise Timer. The working time of this beautiful hourglass sand watch is accurate, which can help you arrange time more precisely. It is pratical and powerful. Best Choice for Gift. It' s really nice to slect this houglass sand timer as a gift for birthday, decoration, and even a wedding.
  • Sand Hourglass Clock for Decor
    Sand Hourglass Clock for Decor
    Sand Timer Hourglasss With A Pen Holder
    Good assistant for educators and students: The hourglass sand timer can rotate 180°, what's more, this hourglass sand clock is very specil because it has a pen holder, put one on the desk of your home, office, or classroom, it not only can help you form a healthy time arrangement habit, but also it can be a pen holder for you as well. Best Gift: Pick it for your famliy or friends as a gift is an extremely choice, especially suitable for the teachers and students, or other people who need to do some writting assignments. Besides, it is also pretty good for decorations or souvanirs because of its beautiful and elegant apearance.
  • Silver hour glass sand timer
    Silver hour glass sand timer
    Rotating Silver Swan Sand Clock 60 Minutes
    Extraordinary Design. The most outsanding features of this hourglass sand timer are its shape and the silver color. The shape of swan is so beautiful that one would fall in love with it as he/ she catches sight of it. Besides, the special silver color we adopt makes it more noble and elegant. Best Gift. The good comments for this swan hourglass sand timer is countless because of its nice and sparkling look, which is a great choice for a gift for birthday, wedding, or a decor for your home.
  • Sand Hourglass Clock for Decor
    Sand Hourglass Clock for Decor
    Suliao Hourglass Sand Timer 30-Minute
    Safe Materails: This hourglass sand timer is made of high  quality glass and colored sand, which is secure and do not contain any toxic substances. Lovely and beautiful-looking. The hourglass sand timer is a very good choice for gifts, your friends and family would surprize at it because of its elegant and extraordinary appearance.
  • Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer
    Magnetic Hourglass Sand Timer
    Magnetic Hour Glass sand Watch for Decor
    Magnetic Hourglass Materials. This magnetic hourglass sand timer is made of pure & transparent high borosilicate glass and bright colored sand. It 's suitable for everyone due to the safe materials of it. Elegant and charming gifts. The magnetic hourglass sand watch is  beautiful and nice looking, it is very suitable to prepare as a gift for family or friends' birthday, wedding, and so on.
  • Plastic Hourglass Sand Timer
    Plastic Hourglass Sand Timer
    Suliao Plastic Hourglass Sand Timer
    30-Minute Hourglass Sand Timer. This hourglass sand timer is made of high borodilicate glass, pure colored sand, and sturdy plastic, which is safe materials and do not contain any toxic ingredients, it is secure for kids as well. Accurate And Precise Time Management Tool. The 30-minute hourglass sand timer is a great time management assistant for you, you can use it for you study, work, cooking and etc. The precise feature helps you arrange your time more effectively.

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