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Janmashtami Aug 20, 2022
Janmashtami is a Hindu festival that takes place on September 3 every year to commemorate the birth of the Hindu god Krishna. On the occasion of the Janmashtami, believers all over the world celebrate this festival with enthusiasm. On this special day, they will also carry out various activities through their own customs and regulations. And, through this, it is better to celebrate and spend this festival.

Special festivals always have their own origins and meanings. And this special festival will always have its own unique way of celebrating. On the day of the Janmashtami, Hindu believers smashed a clay pot hanging in the air in the way of "stacking a tower" to celebrate the arrival of the festival. And some places also make wood carvings, depicting the life of Lord Krishna. These are some unique ways of celebrating the Janmashtami, just like in our own Mid-Autumn Festival in China, people will appreciate the moon, eat moon cakes, and can give empty hourglass, hour glasses with sand, and sandglass decor to relatives and friends.

1 Hour Hourglass

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