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How to Change the Speed of the Hourglass Aug 19, 2022
The sand timer colorful hourglass in our life is often used as a desktop decoration or office timer. Depending on the time set of the hourglass, people can choose their own time to use the timer. As the sand clock falls, the sand flows from the top to the bottom, and when all the sand remains, the corresponding period ends. The sand glass isn't a perfectly accurate time tool, but it doesn't have a huge margin of error. So the small sand watch can often be used as a timekeeping tool in daily life by people.

Actually the flow rate of the hour glasses with sand can be changed by some means! There are ways to change the speed at which the sand falls through the hour glass. For example, an external force can be used to shake the timer body, affecting how fast it falls. In addition, pressure  can be used to change the speed at which the sand of the glass falls. As the sand falls, the volume of the upper glass cavity increases and the pressure decreases, while the volume of the lower glass cavity decreases and the pressure increases. It is this small pressure difference that slows the sand down, and then the upper and lower gases reconnect, the pressure difference disappears, and the sand falls faster. If you want to change the falling speed of the sand, you can start from the outside and affect the pressure of the upper and lower glass body.

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