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  • 3 Speed Rotating Mode Battery Powered Motor
    3 Speed Rotating Mode Battery Powered Motor
    Battery Powered Disco Ball Motor Spinning
    Mini Remote Control: You can easily use the remote controller to make your hanging decorative wind chimes move or stop, no hands-on. Mini remote control can help you to open and close the wind rotating mobile motor easily and freely within a distance of 5 meters, so that the hanging display ornaments can rotate more easily. When you are tired or don't want to move, you can choose to simply rest in place. The mini remote control takes the hassle out of turning off the chimes yourself. Timing Function: This pendant wind chime can automatically turn off the motor by timing function when used at night. Moreover, you can choose the time freely, and it includes three different time choices: half an hour, one hour, and two hours. You can choose the right time according to your own needs. When using the timing function, the battery-powered accessories rotating motor can be automatically turned off after falling asleep to save energy. This avoids the waste of running overnight. Beautiful Decoration and Gift: This electric windspinnermotor has a beautiful appearance. You can use it as an indoor decoration, as well as as a wind chiming decoration for your garden and conservatory. This beautiful motor is sure to give your space a brand new feel. Alternatively, you can give it to family and friends as a fabulous gift. They will be very happy to receive this gift from you on this special occasion.
  • Hanging Display Spinning Motor for Decoration
    Hanging Display Spinning Motor for Decoration
    Battery Operated Mini Mobile Rotating Motor Factory
    Medium Speed Rotating Motor: This rotating motor at the right speed without making you feel uncomfortable. It always rotates at a moderate speed, but varies depending on the weight of the item and the battery level. The speed of motor rotation is maintained at about 30 RPM, which is suitable for hanging objects in your home to hang your favorite decorations. It has a magical reflective visual effect that helps you enjoy a quiet time and reminisce about the past. Premium Motor: This disco ball rotary motor is made of durable and strong black friendly plastic. The quality of this motor is guaranteed, light and durable, can provide you with long-term service. This battery operated motor can also help you create an unusual scenic corner in your home. It can hold up to four pounds. So most wind sculptures and spinners, wind trap chimes, disco balls, crib moving spinners, indoor or outdoor hanging ornaments can be mounted on this motor hook. Small and Dainty: This electric motor is small and cute and light, weighing just 0.3 pounds. The motor is easy to hold, carry and move. It takes up a small amount of space and doesn't interfere with your storage of other items. To use, you simply hang the ornament on the rotary motor hook, then turn on the switch and it will rotate your hanging ornament.

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