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DIY for Children Sep 03, 2022
DIY is to cultivate children's hands-on ability and imagination, which is a very interactive project. DIY craft allows children to experience ancient crafts, innovative crafts and other types of crafts such as paper cutting, kites, ceramics, antique sand timer, modern sand clock, hourglass fillable, model bottles and so on. Children can learn skills, experience life and develop their own thinking patterns.

DIY can give full play to children's imagination, creativity and logical ability, children in the process of starting, the potential is constantly stimulated, but also help children to expand their knowledge. The great significance of DIY is to give children a free creative space, let children's imagination get full play, and stimulate children's wisdom and inspiration. In a word, it is of great help to cultivate children's practical ability and imagination.

Hourglass wooden

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