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Suliao Received A $120,000 Order from An Japanese Customer Jul 22, 2022

Today Suliao received an order of US$120,000 from a Japanese customer. The customer is a chain hotel in Japan. The hotel reported that the quality of Suliao's hourglass is very good, and the hotel guests are quite satisfied with it.

Some customers who lived in the hotel, even wanted to buy the hourglass from the hotel. The hotel is our new client, but we have a long-term deal and they want Suliao to provide a steady supply of supplies for them to sell to their hotel clients.

This new order includes, Heart-shaped Rotating Hourglass Sand Timer,Brass Rotating Hourglass Sand Timer,Brass Hourglass Decor Frame Sandglass.

SUliao hourglass

These three hourglasses are perfect for hotel decoration or home decoration and office decoration, which is why this Japanese hotel chain has given our products such high praise.

Our hourglass timers combine quality and sophistication, not only to play, but also as decorations.

Finally, we also sincerely hope to cooperate with more companies.We will provide the best service to our customers! We are here looking forward to your inquiry.

Suliao hourglass

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