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Use the Hourglass as A Practical Tool in Primary School Learning Aug 06, 2022
Primary school students are the age of fun, so it is very difficult for them to finish their homework. Parents who have helped their children with their homework are also struggling to solve this problem, but with a few tips, you can help your children with their homework.

Use a sand timer clock to make your child aware of time. When using the hourglass, we can also use a study task sheet to help improve the efficiency of homework. Parents can work out the time of each assignment in the learning schedule with their children, and explain to their children that using a 20 minute sand timer is to finish the math calculation problems and so on. The sandglass is equivalent to a reference of time, so that children can perceive the passage of time, so that children can realize continuous focus and efficient learning.
Glass Sand Clock
Job sorting method. Before the child writes the homework, we can divide the homework into different difficulty coefficient homework according to the difficulty degree, and arrange the child to finish the homework from difficult to easy reasonably. And in the beginning stage children are more patient, which is also a good time to complete the difficult homework. Then the child can slowly complete some easy homework, which is relatively more in line with the child's expectations. And in this way, the more children do more easily, more interested in the homework. This can also give the child a continuous sense of gain in the process of doing homework and build confidence.
Kitchen Sand Timer
Rewards and punishments. After their children finish their homework on time, parents can also give their children corresponding rewards, such as watching a cartoon episode today and playing games for a while. Or reward the child with a baby hour glass toy. If they can't finish their homework on time, they can't watch TV today. Some reasonable rewards and punishments are more likely to motivate children to learn.

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