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The Fun Thing From TV Series You Can See Aug 08, 2022

The Fun Thing From TV Series You Can See

Theres a very exciting thing i met last night.I was in home watching the tik tok ,and my boss asked me to watch the Reflection of a Lion in a Lazy Cat episode 3.what is it? I thought.lion?cat? So is it Lion King ? No,i can believe that my bosss into cartoon and he even share me watching.No matter what i thinking about,my fingers had clicked on the YouTube app and i quickly paste the title on the search bar.I swiped the screen,a moment later,i got the episode 3 and i started watching.

Do you know what I saw? You may be right, I saw a YouTube AD! However, you'll never guess what I saw after the YouTube AD. What I saw is maybe a group of girls, they are dancing passionately.

So they mean lion? Yes i konw they are absolutely wild.Its a metaphor?Great fun! Can you believe that your boss share you a so fantastic TV series? Oh god! i was going to say nice,and the dancing suddenly ended...

I also suddenly bring a song in mind:

Ed Sheeran

But baby now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm thinking out loud

The song is sing the thinking out loud and i was thinking too much.

Lets get to the video.The leading actor is famous and handsome,he is Zhu Yawen.And the sopitha is a beautiful girl Shi Shi also called Kira.

I was shocked to see our vintage metal hourglass timer product in the last ten minutes of the video, mainly about the story of Zhu Yawen and Kira. The general plot is:Kira was meditating with a elegant metal sandglass timer when she suddenly remembered her encounter with Zhu. She was deliberately knocked unconscious, just Zhu Yawen arrived to save her.

Zhu Yawen hourglass of Actors

And the sand watch is called Metal Stand Sand Timer Decoration.As can be seen in the video, it can be used not only as an ornament, but also as a good companion for meditation or reminiscing.Here are some screenshots of the metal hourglass from the TV series.Sure in my company, it's an time-customized sand hourglass, you can use the brass sand glass and put it on everywhere you like.

Kira hourglass metal Actress Hourglass

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