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The Meaning of the Hourglass Aug 04, 2022

The Meaning of the Hourglass

Representing the passage of time

The hourglass timer is used in ancient times. When you see the hourglass, the first thing that comes to mind is time.

Representing love

The hour glass sand timer symbolizes love, friendship and happiness. The person who sent the sand watch is counting on the sand hourglass,hoping that the feelings between each other will not disappear with the time flying. Boys send girls hourglass is:cherish time, don't waste youth! A great phrase for girl oneself is: time goes by, youth is short, I hope you cherish yourself!


Representing friendship

It express a kind of farewell, reminiscent of the past, and cherish the friendship.The sandglass timer is a wonderful memory among friends. The process of sand falling is also a process of recalling the beautiful fragments with friends.

hourglass sand timer

The best wishes and hopes

The meaning of the sand clock symbolizes happiness. This means that we will reach happiness forever, and cherish love and friendship forever!

Besides,he color of the Suliao sand watch is also very much,different colors have different meanings. White hourglass: a gift for growth, giving you care and touching. Blue hourglass: represents vitality, full of vitality. Purple hourglass: represents noble and eternal love, accompanied by a lifetime. Yellow hourglass: represents purity and friendship. I hope that there is purity and friendship hidden in my heart. Pink hourglass: represents innocence.

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