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  •  Lithium battery wind rotor motor
     Lithium battery wind rotor motor
    1200 Ahm Lithium Battery Wind Rotating Motor
    Rotary with remote mirror ball motor: Electric and automatic disco ball rotary motor rotate, you can easily make your suspension decoration move or stop. Supports left and right rotation modes. The mini remote control can turn the fan on and off easily and efficiently. It is an easy way to hang the fan outside for yard and garden decoration. Three rotating modes: Automatic remote control speed (1-30 rpm) and direction. Low RPM, about 5 (+/-5)RPM. Medium speed is about 10(+/-5) RPM. High speed is about 25 (+/-5)RPM. The speed of the crib's moving motor depends on battery power and weight. The rotation speed of the decorator perfectly rotates your pendant for a cool, reflective visual effect. Quiet and save money: The Hanging Rotating Motor For Display uses lithium polymer battery to drive slow rotating motor, low power consumption and no noise. Hanging up is easy to save location. The remote Disco Ball motor has a 1200 Ahm lithium polymer battery, which is equivalent to a 4 x AA battery.
  •  Mobile battery operated hanging rotating motor
     Mobile battery operated hanging rotating motor
    Remote Control Battery Operated Rotating Motor
    Remote Control & Timing Setting: Electric & automatic wind spinner motor with remote control, you can easy to get your hanging decor moving or stopping.It supports right & left rotation mode. Mini remote controller can convenient & efficient to turn on & off the disco ball rotating motor wireless. You can also use the timer on the remote control to fix the baby crib mobile motor for 30/60/120 mins. Three Rotating Speed Mode: Automatic slow revolving remote control speed(1-30 Rpm), direction(turn right or left). Make the mini rotating motor very easy to adjust the speed as you like. Low turning speed, approximately 5 (+/-5) RPM, Medium swiveling speed about 10(+/-5) RPM, High whirling speed about 25(+/-5) RPM. The Baby crib mobile motor speed depending on battery power & item weight. Two Directions Rotating Motor:The remote control has two direction rotations. You can use the remote control to change the motor rotation by pressing the “left” (counter-clockwise) or “right” (clockwise) button on the remote. In addition to basic functions on the remote control, there is also a timing function. Stylish Sturdy & Mini Size: The size of baby mobile rotator with the hook is 2.5" L x 2.5" W x 5.9" H, weight is 0.3 pounds. The mirror ball rotator can hold up to a 18" mirror ball with a max load of 15 pounds. When use low speed mode, it's recommended to hang the item within 5 lbs.

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