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The Third China International Cultural Tourism Fair Sep 08, 2022
From September 15 to 19, the third China International Culture and Tourism Fair and the first Traditional Chinese Crafts Fair will be held in Jinan, Shandong Province. During the 5-day exhibition, all kinds of handcraft craftsmen gather for exchange and discussion to promote the development of handcraft manufacturing industry.

The fair will focus on manual manufacturing for a variety of discussions and research. It will also showcase the essence and innovation of China's handmade manufacturing industry to all around the world, so that people in other parts of the world can feel and understand the traditional Chinese culture. The handmade products developed on the basis of intangible cultural heritage and traditional skills contain rich Chinese traditional culture. In addition to common handicraft sand clock such as wooden sandglass and magnetic sand timer hourglass, people are also paying more and more attention to vintage hour glasses integrated into traditional culture. Handicrafts containing traditional culture are becoming more and more popular. 

Magnet sand timer

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