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The Prevailing Zakka Garden Jul 20, 2022
Zakka, originated in Japan. Zakka is a household style made by everyday items. Zakka are everything from our daily household items to small odds and ends like a vintage hourglass timer.
Old Sand Timer Clock
Zakka garden is a garden made of groceries, called junk garden in Europe and the United States, called zakka garden in Japan. Zakka combines traditional crafts with people's daily articles and applies them in household life. The following issues need to be noted when creating your own unique zakka garden.

First, choose a theme. Decide on the overall theme of your garden so you can prepare for the next steps in decorating your garden. A definite theme sets the tone for the whole zakka garden.

Next, choose decorations. Choose appropriate decorations according to the theme you set. An ornament that fits the context and theme will highlight the style and character of the zakka garden. A small decoration or even an old fashion sand clock can be the star of a zakak garden if it's properly matched.
Metal Hourglass Decor
Then it's all about choosing the right zakka. Pick up zakka based on the theme you set and the main character decorations. Beautiful, exquisite zakka can be perfectly paired with the main character ornaments to capture the atmosphere of the garden. Use old wood, dolls, old sand timer, candlesticks and other goods to make the garden full of designs.

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