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The Meaning of the Hourglass Jul 11, 2022
Sand Timer Hourglasses with sand are often found in the form of decorations, timepieces or children's toys. In addition, hourglass timers are often chosen as collectibles or mementos, as well as gifts to friends and family on holidays and special occasions. So what's behind the hourglass? What do we need to pay attention to when choosing an hourglass?

Here are some general meanings of the hourglass, and you can consider the following when choosing a gift for your friends or family:

  • Passage of time
An custom hourglass sand timer is often a tabletop decoration, and the flow of sand back and forth represents the passage of time. Time is gone, no matter how to cherish the time can not retain, so people will put an sandglass on their desk to remind or warn themselves to cherish time.

  • Happy love
The meaning of the sand watch is also a happy love, but also a symbol of love and happiness. The boy give a girl an hourglass when he leaves, it means waiting. No matter how hard the time is, they will always wait for each other, but if the girl gives the boy an hourglass, it means that the youth is short, to cherish each other.
Sand Clock Desktop Exquisite Decor
  • Precious Friendship

The hourglass timer is also a symbol of precious friendship. Friends can give the sand timer clock gift to each other to remember the good times in the past and cherish the time with friends in the future.

  • Wishes and Hopes

The existence of the hourglass is a blessing, hope that each other can grow happily, and cherish the friendship or love each other, suitable for friends to live or confession of time. Through the sand watch decoration can express their sincere wishes to friends or lovers, but also let each other feel their own mind. On special days, we can use the sand clock to express our present blessings and to remember the time.

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