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The Kitchen Economy Under the Epidemic Sep 16, 2022
In recent years, the COVID-19 epidemic has brought a great impact on people's life, work and study. The special epidemic situation has also changed people's consumption habits. Affected by the pandemic, more and more people are returning to their families. As people gradually return to their homes, kitchens begin to be used frequently. As more and more people get into the kitchen, some learn to cook, and some spend more time with their families researching what to eat every day, the kitchen economy is becoming hot.

The kitchen began to be used a lot. Along with all kinds of home appliances products also gradually into people's vision like the air fryers. Home life stimulates people's interest and hobby in cooking. Many people like to think about cooking and learning about food at home. Learning to make delicious food can be done with the help of a decorative hour glass. The kitchen hourglass timer not only helps people master cooking skills faster, but it also decorates and beautify the kitchen. Sand timers for cooking also make the kitchen cooking easier. The pandemic has made people pay more attention to their kitchens and their quality of life. Under the epidemic kitchen economy can be said to set off a boom.

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