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The Double Ninth Festival Is Coming Sep 30, 2022
The Double Ninth Festival is an ancient Chinese traditional festival. It falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month every year. The Double ninth Festival, New Year's Eve, Qingming Festival and Hungry Ghost Festival are the four festivals of sacrifice in China. Passed down to today, the Double Ninth Festival has been integrated into more and more rich meaning. Now the Double Ninth Festival as a festival to respect the elderly. On this day, there are many activities to show respect and blessing to the elderly.

In ancient times, people thought the Double Ninth Festival was an auspicious day. In ancient times, people have the custom of climbing a mountain to pray for blessings, worshipping ancestors and drinking and praying for longevity on the Double Ninth Festival. To date, it has added the connotation of respecting and caring for the elderly. Respect for the elderly has become the theme of the Double Ninth Festival. On this day, people will show their respect and love to the elderly through many activities and ways. The young people will express their blessings to the old by giving gifts. A colored sand hour glass ornament is a great gift choice. The rustic hourglass decor shows your best wishes and greetings to the old man. And for the elderly, the sand clock decoration is a very useful timekeeping tool. The elderly have memory problems and a sand glass could help them keep their tasks in order. The young also pray for the old to stay healthy. Caring for the elderly is the core of the festival's message.

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