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The Double Eleven Shopping Carnival in China Nov 10, 2022

The Nov. 11 of each year in China is originally established to memorize the date of Air-Force of the Peoples Liberation Army of China. This day later becomes the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival, on this day, a great number of bosses give a big discount on their commodities, therefore, the day, there are a lot of customers to buy stuff for themselves because of the rarely low price provided by the sellers. People can buy many goods and save a plenty of money on this day. According to some researches, it is reported that the economy of our country has been boosting due to the Double Eleven Shopping Carnival, and it has a trend to increase year by year. The Double Eleven in China is extremely equivalent to The Black Friday in some western countries. Actually, by the means of establishing a shopping carnival can really appeal consumers to buy more goods, to create more marketable transactions, so that we can boost the development of economy of our society.

With the rapid development of high technology, nowadays, the online shopping has become a ubiquitous phenomenon, especially among the young generations, it seems that to buy stuff by the method of shopping online has become a indispensable part in their daily life. As a matter of fact, though people can enjoy the same right and discount in a physical store, more consumers are likely to choose shopping online on the day of Double Eleven Shopping Carnival.

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