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The Character Characteristic of Grit Jul 06, 2022
Grit is a non-cognitive skill of perseverance and passion for long-term goals, identified by Angela Duckworth, a leading researcher in the science of grit. Angela Duckworth has been studying the role of personality in success since 2005. According to her, “when you consider individuals with equal talent, the grittier does better”.

In recent years, American education has been swept by a new educational concept: Grit. Grit originally meant hard, abrasive particles in a pile of sand in Old English.
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The meaning of Grit is much richer than perseverance, diligence and strong. Grit refers to the persistent passion and endurance for long-term goals. It is a character characteristic of self-motivation, self-discipline and self-adjustment that does not forget the original intention, dedication and perseverance.

If you see a child who "can do one thing for a long time with dedication", it is Grit. But how to cultivate the children’s character of grit. Here are some tips.

  • Let children experience challenges on their own.

Choose something challenging and let your child deal with it on his own. For example, schedule a study task and use an hourglass timer to allow your child to complete it within a given time. Children plan their own tasks according to the sand timer clock and monitor their own progress through the sand watch. This is very useful for children.

  • Teach your child that failure is not scary.

It is often said that failure is the mother of success. Let your child know that failure is normal. Failure can continue, failure can also succeed. Let  children not afraid of failure. This will enable them to be persistent and fearless in the face of life's difficulties in the future.

  • Encourage your child to stick one thing.

Children should be encouraged to complete a task at all times. If you fail a lot at something, you might urge him to stick to it until it's done. Because when he's done, he'll get more.

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