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Successful Completion Of ISO 9001 Certification Jun 28, 2022
Suliao has successfully achieved the certification of the Quality Management System under the new ISO Standard 9001:2015 for the production and sales of sand timer, glass products, plastic products, hardware products and decorations.

ISO 9001 certification is known as a management system that enables companies to work in a process-oriented manner, focused on customer needs, and ensures consistently high quality.

Meeting the highest quality standards has always been a central corporate goal for Suliao. In order to emphasize this, we have decided to subject our company Suliao to an audit according to ISO 9001:2015. In the middle of Jun 2022 the official audit by Hong Kong certification company "CCE.HK" took place and with the audit report of 14.06.2022 the positive certification was confirmed to Suliao.

Suliao is very proud of this success and in particular of all the team members involved in achieving this excellent result.

This certification guarantees our customers continued high quality and sets new standards for improving hourglass sand timer, sandglass timer products, process, project and service quality.

ISO9001 certificated hourglass factory

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