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Should Children Be Exposed to Mobile Phones Too Early? Jul 13, 2022
Today, timekeeping tools such as hourglass sand timers are mostly kept as decorative objects or small handicrafts. The watch is also becoming an accessory. Due to the development of science and economy, electronic products such as mobile phones have become popular. As a result, more and more children are gradually being exposed to mobile phones and other electronic products from an early age. These electronic products enter children's field of vision early, so children begin to be inseparable from mobile phones at a very young age.

Nowadays, we often see that many children are addicted to watching videos or playing games on their mobile phones. This phenomenon has been very common, even when eating, sleeping, there are always a lot of children crying to play with mobile phones, mobile phones have become a part of their lives. But in fact, playing mobile phones since childhood is good for them, increase their knowledge, to a greater extent is harmful to them, adverse to their physical and mental health growth.
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For children's physical and mental health, parents should do a good job of supervision and protection of children's correct use of mobile phones and other electronic products.

Agreed upon in advance
The most important thing is to reduce the time children spend on their phones. Parents can use an hourglass sandglass timer to help with planning. You have to set rules for your children, like when you can play games and so on, and parents and children strictly follow the agreement. Parents should discuss with their children in advance, you can give him a customized schedule, study for an hour in the morning, learn piano for an hour, and then can rest for half an hour.
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Stick to the plan
According to the content of the plan, parents should ask their children to strictly follow the plan. During the study time, they should be urged to devote themselves seriously to study and not be distracted by other things. A sand clock 30 minutes helps children monitor their progress and feel the passage of time through the sand. At the same time. It also improves self-control and time management.

Communicate with your child
Communication is key to parenting, and so is playing games. Parents should not make the rules of the game according to their own ideas. They should communicate with their children and discuss with each other. Implementation is also the key, must be in accordance with the prior agreement to implement, implementation to be resolute. In this process, communication is very important.

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