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Live Broadcast of the Exhibition Aug 23, 2022
In recent years, due to the epidemic, live streaming has gradually become a trend, and more and more businesses choose live streaming platforms to carry out live streaming. Pictures of live broadcast are more intuitive and more flexible than videos, so live broadcast can help consumers better feel and understand the advantages and characteristics of products. For example, if you want to buy a sand hourglass toy for your child, but you can't see the whole picture of the sand timer for kids when you buy it online, the live broadcast allows you to observe it in all aspects. At the same time, the host will explain the sandglass timer, so that you can understand all its features and advantages. Such live broadcasting has become a very popular and popular sales mode in China. Due to the epidemic, some large-scale exhibitions will also adopt the form of offline exhibitions and online live broadcasting.

From August 18 to 21, the second China Arts and Crafts Expo held in Nanjing International Expo Center also opened the offline and online live broadcast, so that the audience can enjoy the latest achievements of the arts and crafts industry without leaving home. For the first time, the Expo adopts the form of "exhibition + live broadcast", setting up four live broadcast rooms at the expo site. According to statistics, during the Expo, the online live broadcast was carried out continuously, with a total audience of more than 3.2 million and sales of nearly 1.5 million yuan. The form of live broadcast will also have a more profound impact on the future development of the arts and crafts industry.

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