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Italy's Characteristic Town Helps Craft Development Sep 19, 2022
Nowadays, handicrafts are become more and more popular. For example, craft hour glass has gradually become a popular choice for ornaments and gifts. Both vintage sand clock and modern hourglass sand timer have become more and more frequent in people's life scenes. And traditional handicrafts still occupy an indispensable position. The famous Italian handicraft has always been praised as a fine work. Italian handmade products are also widely loved and popular, and enjoy a reputation in the world. And Italy has always attached great importance to traditional handicraft. The characteristic town mode of Italy is to better inherit handicrafts and promote the better development of Italian handicrafts.

More than half of Italians live in small towns with fewer than 200,000 people. In order to better develop and strengthen the traditional handicraft. Italy has established and developed the characteristic town model with traditional handicraft as the core. Characteristic small uncle mode can help the better development of handicrafts and create brand handicrafts. While protecting all kinds of handicrafts, the characteristic town mode can also better promote and develop the traditional Italian handicrafts industry.

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