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Four Major Exhibitions in China Jul 30, 2022
The four major exhibitions in China include the China Import and Export Fair in April and October, the China International Consumer Goods Fair in May, the China International Trade Fair in September and the China International Import Expo in November. This year, despite the pandemic, China held the fair to share resources and opportunities with the world. It is also a famous brand of China to the outside world, showing China's openness and confidence.

Despite the impact of COVID-19, the four major exhibitions still attracted extensive participation from global enterprises. China International Consumer Goods Expo is the first of the four major exhibitions held offline this year. The exhibition area is also very wide distribution, every consumer can find their needs from the product. Collectors who love sand art clock, gold hourglass decor, sand tea timer and other vintages can also learn about other products at the exhibition.
Custom HourglassHourglass Decor

Faced with the impact of the pandemic, offline exhibitions around the world have been seriously affected, and many of them have chosen to postpone or cancel the planned exhibitions. China has still solved the real problems and held many offline exhibitions successfully, which have become a  best window for China to open up to the world and let more globe enterprises to know about more of China.

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