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China International Fair for Trade in Services Closed Sep 13, 2022
On September 5, China International Fair for Trade in Services came to a perfect close. There are all kinds of new products, new technology in the trade show in front of people, the number of far more than the last session. This fair not only show you all kinds of high-tech products to you, but also bring many unique art and craft products, which also add more highlights to the fair.

During the 6-day service trade fair, the participating enterprises all displayed their unique products, which made people feel bright at the moment. All kinds of new technology products make people fascinated at the same time, arts and crafts are not bad. Beijing Arts and Crafts Association with a series of artworks appeared in the exhibition also attracted a lot of people's interest and attention. There is also an interactive experience, produced by arts and crafts masters on site, with which people can communicate closely. The straw weaving art and some pottery art make people admire. Collectors who love to collect culturally distinctive antique hour glasses, sand clock vintages, and retro hourglasses will love these fascinating art artifacts.

Transparent Hourglasses Sand Timer

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