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Use the Hourglass to Strengthen Children's Understanding of Time Aug 30, 2022
Many times, when you give your child a task or a schedule, they may get lost in their own world and not be able to fulfill your schedule in a timely manner. This is actually because children lack the concept of time, unable to understand time and planning. In the world of children, it is not clear how short a minute is or how long ten minutes are. So sometimes it's not that kids are procrastinating or not doing it, it's because they really don't have a sense of how much time they have to do it.

To train your child to have a good sense of time, you can choose to buy a home decor sand clock to help your child. You can play with your child through the sandglass timer for kids, giving them reminders or hints as they look at the hour glass. You can choose sand carving glass to let children fall in love with the timer first, because children are very sensitive to color and pattern. During the sand watch observation, the time was slowly increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Unconsciously, the child develops a concept of time and his attention is trained. An hour sand glass can also be placed while the children are doing their homework. Time is virtual, we can't see or touch it, so to really understand time requires practice.

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