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The Process of Making A Sand Glass Timer Aug 19, 2022
The hourglass ornament, which looks delicate and beautiful, is still a popular choice for decoration today. Hourglasses are also given to friends as gifts during festivals. And now it is very popular for people to give gifts by hand, to express their love and wishes to friends through their own gifts. So what are the steps to really finish the DIY hour glasses? Here are some tips.

The first step is to select sand and process it. Natural sand is not suitable for sand glass, because it is not round and smooth. The timer clock on the market today is usually made of pellet glass beads. This is a good material for an hourglass. Second, the glass tube is cut to the size of an hour glass. Each glass tube after cutting is the prototype of a sand timer, and the shape of the sandglass is processed at high temperature. The next step is to make the bottom of the timer. To make the glass stand up on its own, make the base from the end of the glass tube.

In addition, the timer sandglass is made of round glass balls at the top and bottom, which are softened by heating the glass at a high temperature and blown by hand. The next step is to fill the glass tube to be sealed with sand. Add the bottom to the other end of the glass tube where the sand is placed. Also use high heat and tongs to finish the side of the bottle and seal it.

hour glass with sand 30 min

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