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The Origin of the Hourglass Aug 26, 2022
Nowadays, the hourglass is commonly used as a decoration or gift, and it is rarely used for formal timekeeping. The hourglass sand timer has been in people's sight for a long time, we seem to have been very accustomed to the existence of the timer. So before this, have you ever wondered how the hour glass was invented? Here you can learn a little about the origin of the sandglass.

The exact origin of the hour sand timer is unclear, but it is widely believed that it was widely adopted in Europe towards the end of the Middle Ages (around 1500 AD). The sand watch was a popular choice for sailors, who used it to mark the passage of time so they could locate from east to west. The decorative hour glasses with sand was more popular than earlier water clocks because its sand was not affected by the movement of ships heading for the ocean. They were used on shore to measure time spent on church services, cooking and work tasks. Mechanical clocks eventually replaced glass, although it was not until the 18th century that a suitable Marine replacement was found.
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