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The Hourglass Helps Plan Work From Home Sep 29, 2022
Working from home has become very common and commonplace. Due to the pandemic, many offline offices have been cancelled and started to work from home. Working from home is a great way to deal with the problem caused by pandemic. But it also brings some difficulties to our work. A fillable hour glass could help us work better from home.

Working from home eliminates the hassle of commuting. At the same time, the home environment can not have the atmosphere of the office. There are many factors at home that can prevent us from being timely or fully focused on work. This makes working from home less productive. A colorful hourglass sandglass timer can be used to help us better arrange our work, so that we can better locate the work and life at home. At work, we can use a sand watch to monitor and demand that we focus and commit to our work for a specific period of time. It's easy to become lax when working at home. A decorative sand clock can monitor and remind us to stay focused on our work, and it can help us plan our tasks and make sure we get them done on time.

Sand watch for office decor

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