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The Hourglass Becomes the Child's Helper in Living Independently Sep 07, 2022
Most of the time, parents and children agreed to only watch 30 minutes of TV, but often half an hour later, the child still not willing to leave the TV. Many parents have faced similar problems. Many parents like to restrict their children's activities in their lives and want their children to develop good habits. For example, brush your teeth for three minutes independently, watch cartoons for half an hour, and play games for ten minutes. Independence can be gradually developed in children with a time sand glass for kids.

A lot of times it's due to a lack of time and self control. Parents can set a time to play the game by letting the sand out of the time sand clock, and the game ends after 30 minutes. Using an hourly glass timer to show the length of time is more intuitive to younger children, easier to understand, more pictorial, and can develop a child's sense of time. Use the sand watch clock to train children for a long time can get good results. Use the hour sand glass for two minutes to set the time for brushing teeth. When the sand is over for two minutes each time, the child will stop brushing teeth and gargle. In a word, parents can quantify time in various aspects of life, so that children can feel time more clearly and cultivate their own ability. That will make them become more independent in their life and do their own things more efficiently.

Metal hour glass with sand

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