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Sandglass As Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Aug 17, 2022
Since ancient times, Mid-Autumn Festival has been enjoying the moon,eating moon cakes, appreciating osmanthus flowers,sending good gifts and other customs. The annual Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. Before this wonderful festival, prepare a gift for your family and friends in advance.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival,with a gift to evoke our deep memory of the thanksgiving heart of the family,express the love of the elders,express the best wishes to friends. Reciprocity is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. In such a special day as the Mid-Autumn Festival,people pay more attention to express the blessing of the festival with gifts,express their love for their loved ones. The Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival,a solemn Mid-Autumn Festival gift, not only carries people's full blessing, but also a good vision for a good festival! So what is the best gift to get?

If you still give the same moon cakes,flowers,and seasonal delicacies,then it is easy to be the same as other people's gifts. How to choose a special gift that will not be the same as other people's gifts? Here's an antique hourglass decor you can't miss. This luxury hour glass with sand 60 minutes gold is exquisite in appearance, unique in shape and design. This carefully designed sandglass shows your sincerity, and the round metal frame also implies the happy expectation of family reunion during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Give this special vintage sand timer to your family and they will feel your love! And this special gift is sure to make the holiday even more meaningful!

Metal sand hourglass timer

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