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How to Speed Up the Falling of the Hourglass in the Restaurant Aug 02, 2022

How to Speed Up the Falling of the Hourglass in the Restaurant

Everyone in the restaurant should have encountered such a situation. After ordering the dish, the store will give you an hourglass sand timer, and the order will be waived or another dish will be given to you before the missed dish is served.

Usually the store uses an hourglass to show their confidence in serving food quickly, and it also makes the process of waiting for your food interesting. But if you are as smart as you are, you must have thought about a question: Is there any way to make the hourglass go faster?

A preliminary study of hourglass acceleration

A good experiment first needs a good subject. We should use an sandglass sand timer with a transparent inner wall, uniform sand, and beautiful curves. The falling time is stable at 3 minutes or 180 seconds.

plastic hourglass

Experiment 1: Swing left and right

The first method is to shake left and right! I saw my body swaying from side to side calmly, the blue sand flow happily falling in the air, and I felt that the 3 minute sand glass timer was also a little panicked.

The result is very amazing! As a result, the sand clock that used to be 3 minutes can now be completed in an average of 2 minutes and 44 seconds! The time has been shortened by about 10%! This addition of a side dish is only a piece of cake!

However, the subsequent slapping method can only be shortened by a few seconds, which is too tasteless. The last shaking up and down is even more outrageous. Not only did the time not decrease, but it increased to 4 minutes!

plastic sand timer

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