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How to Finish A DIY Hourglass Jul 14, 2022
Now the sand timer clock hourglass is no longer an important timekeeping tool, people still like this time-keeping tool with a long history, and many unique hourglass sand timer have been made.
Beautiful Hourglass for Home Decor
So how to make a decorative sand watch in life? Here is a simple way to make an sand timer clock. It can help you to make a sandglass easily, but also can deepen your understanding of the sand timer.

Firstly, Take two empty water bottles and cut off the top half with scissors. Plug the cut area with a piece of white paper and then glue it with clear adhesive tape. Do the same with the other water bottle. Secondly we need to do is poke two small holes in the lids of both water bottles with an awl, unscrew the lid of one bottle, and fill it with sand of the same size that can go through the holes. The final step is to attach the top of the bottle with cellophane tape, and you finish the task of making an hourglass. And don't forget to decorate your work. And just like that, quite simply, you've made your own simple sand clock. This diy sandglass timer is meaningful and distinctive enough.

Nowadays, with the increase of timekeeping tools such as mobile phones and computers, the sand watch is endowed with more meaning than just a timekeeping tool. If the sand clock timer is put on the desk not only serves as adornment, it is to remind oneself time elapses cannot retain more, want to cherish present precious time. There are also hourglasses given to each other as a symbol of love and precious friendship. They can also be used to express good wishes for each other.
Customized Hourglass Timer
Although today's personalized sand clock is more of an ornament, as a timepiece, it gives people a clearer sense of time. Time is nothingness, we can not see, we just find that time passed slowly and there is no. But an hourglass timer gives us a real sense of the passage of time, allowing us to visually see that time is ticking away. This is a very big advantage of the sand timer for decoration, which is very beneficial for both adults and children, especially children, sand timers can help children develop a sense of time from an early age.

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