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How to Develop Good Study Habits Jul 25, 2022
Studying is getting more and more stressful for some people. This is because you haven't developed good study habits. Forcing yourself to develop a good study habit can be a challenge. But it’s beneficial for you to a great extent.

Daily schedule. To develop a good study habit, you need to plan your daily study. Your brain is most alert and active in the morning, and you can study difficult subjects or complete urgent or important study tasks. Set specific goals each day, choose the important tasks you want to accomplish, and schedule specific times to achieve those goals. A sand timer for classroom can help you better manage your time, increase productivity, and increase your focus.
Colorful hour glass
Stay away from the phone. Developing healthy study habits requires staying focused and away from electronics. Keep your phone silent unless you are expecting an important call. Cell phones can easily distract you. Nowadays, most people have their cell phones with them all the time, and they have to pick them up whenever they have a moment, even if it's nothing urgent. If you find yourself addicted to your phone, stop. You're most productive when you're focused and committed to getting the task done, so minimizing the most obvious distractions is essential. Instead of using electronic timekeepers like your phone, you can use a decorative hourglass timer. A 30 minute sand clock helps you keep time while preventing you from checking your phone when you're distracted.
Colorful sand glass
Focus on one thing. If you put all your energy into one task at a time, you're more likely to get things done. When you switch back and forth between different activities, your brain recalibrates to perform new tasks, so you lose a lot of energy. This is not a healthy habit for productivity. So, if you want to study well, you focus on one subject at a time, rather than thinking about English reading for half an hour, and then Economics for half an hour, and then coming back for two readings. This back-and-forth is bad for your concentration and for good study habits.

Forming a study habit can be a challenge, but if you stick to it, you'll reap the rewards. Self-control is essential, and you can use tools such as a sandglass to help. Put down your phone and get really involved in something.

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