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How to Cultivate Children's Work And Study Efficiency Aug 03, 2022

How to Cultivate Children's Work And Study Efficiency

A great way to develop mindfulness in children is to use the hourglass method. Almost all children love the hourglass, so it's fun for them to come here.

So-called hourglass execution of work, is to choose a task to complete, choose a suitable time, such as the use of a 30 minute hourglass, focus on work, midway is not allowed to do anything has nothing to do with the task, until finish the hourglass sand leakage, can a short rest, rest when using a short like the hourglass of 5 minutes, The idea is to train him to focus and to be sensitive to the length of time.

plastic sand timer

For example, the child needs to do calculation exercises. We can ask them to estimate how long it might take them to complete. For example, the first time he said 10 minutes, we can reverse the plastic 5 minute sand timer and use it again, which is 10 minutes in total. Then he concentrated, and found that the sand had not yet leaked out, and with greater accuracy than usual. So he got a sense of accomplishment, and he liked a way to improve both efficiency and accuracy, and the reason was focus.
After that, he did his homework, read, played the piano... In this way, his estimates of how long it would take him to do something well became more accurate. Concentration and control of time have greatly improved.

I believe it will be of great benefit to his future study, life and work.And my company has a variety of hourglass products,Suliao 1 minute sand clock , 3 to15 minutes,15 to 60 minutes sandglass timer and so on, as long as you need

suliao sand timer

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