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Do you know Vintage? Jul 23, 2022
Vintage usually refers to well-preserved items of the era between 940 and 1980. Vintage is not a brand, but a well-preserved fashion boutique. Vintage is not old clothes and jewelry in the ordinary sense, but some clothing with collectible value, fine workmanship and design that can reflect the trend at that time. More and more people like retro things, we can often see many people's homes are retro decoration, even put some antique hour glasses, retro lamp and other decorations.
Old fashin hourglass
Vintage is more diverse and practical than ordinary antiques. The quality of Vintage is unquestionable. After decades of wearing, it can still be as good as new, so we can take it out and use it boldly without worrying about damaging these items accidentally. They can become a part of our daily routine, just like the sand timer Christmas ornament in our bedrooms at home, reflecting our personal style and adding color to our daily lives.
Antique sand hourglass
Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to retro fashion. If you look through social media, you can always find many classic retro designs. Many of the sand clock decoration we often put in the office are also designed with retro style. Vintage can be seen everywhere now. These were originally by fashion, vintage clothing and other small fans of the appreciation of things, now also popular with the public.

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