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Detail Analysis of Hourglass Making Process Aug 09, 2022
Sand timer clock are often used as timings for certain activities, and most importantly, as decorative items to decorate the space. Beautiful hour glasses are also chosen as gifts for family and friends, or purchased by collectors for their collection. The various types of time sand glass we see every day are finished products, so do you know the details of the production of sandglass hourglass sand timer?

The main equipment used by glass lamp workers is a blowtorch with a regulating valve, which feeds a mixture of gas-air, gas-oxygen or hydrogen-oxygen with pressure into the blowtorch, and blows the flames of different temperatures. Commonly used operating tools are iron pliers, clamps, carbon rods, perforated steel needles, piston pliers, blowing tools, measuring tools, and most of the refractory appliances that make the flame into a flat and narrow shape. Most of the glass lamp work is done by hand. Large-scale products are clamped and processed by lamp lathes, and products produced in batches are mechanized by special machine tools.

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