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An Hourglass As A Back-to-school Gift Aug 27, 2022
Many parents want to give their children a gift at the beginning of the new semester, hope they can harvest in the new semester and grow up healthily. What are some good gift recommendations? In fact, this is a difficult problem for many parents, this clear sand timer must be a very good choice for the back-to-school gift.

This colored sand glass looks delicate and lovely, the size is suitable and light, very easy to move and carry. And the cute look of this hourglass sand timer is sure to win the hearts of children. This hour glass can be used as a time-keeping gadget to help children reduce the use of mobile phones and settle down to study in the new semester. This is a very good point. The sand watch clock also makes an ideal toy. You can put it on your desk in the study or in the classroom. It's very relaxing and pleasant to watch the sand flow slowly. I hope that with the company of the sand clock timer, the children will learn more and more easily.

High quality hour glass

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